International Scaling
Craft Bakery

Across the world, Craft Coffee Companies have struggled and clawed over each other to become the craft alternative in a global coffee market. However, without fail they’ve neglected to scale the other half of the model. We’re currently walking down their yellow brick road with the essential component of scaling craft coffee companies: Craft Food. We’re the Ryan Gosling of wholesale options for the coffee (and restaurant) industry and systematically stealing the daily routine of their customers as the complete Craft food/coffee alternative. Multiple revenue streams under one brand.

Operational Model

Systematizing a craft bakery requires complex interconnection of creativity and logistics. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse provides a proven model for growth that generates distinct unit economics. This happens through centralizing (read: minimizing) capital and operational costs while enabling multiple points of sale that don’t require an unlimited balance sheet.

Procurement and

Consumer confidence in a brand is the only indicator for a successful franchise (don’t @ us). We’ve been meticulous in identifying and customizing the correct equipment, brand material, and core ingredients to keep every location the same as our flagship. After that, we ship it to your doorstep for a cost unmatched in your market (unless you also bought enough for the entire world).

Training & Development

Hundreds of pages of training material, 30+ training videos, and over 20 core systems that spell out our operational dictionary. Everything needed to replicate a bakehouse along with some of the best-looking people in the world to teach you the ropes.

MHB Worldwide