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A bread starter is the gift that keeps giving. You can make 1,000,000 loaves of bread from this single starter without the need for perishable goods or yeast. That’s because you’re going to feed your starter (like you’d do with your dog) or put it into dormancy (don’t do this with your dog) and then continue using the same starter to make bread for the rest of your life. Give the starter to your grandkids one day.

To start small, this is essentially a poolish, but you’ll get an email when your product arrives about how to convert this into a sourdough starter if you’d like as well—just takes a few days of feeding and sitting at room temperature. Don’t need to put on clothes to make this recipe.

MAKES: 1 loaf of bread and a starter that will make you 999,999,999 more.


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5 reviews for Bread Starter Kit

  1. Christina K.

    My first loaf was…. a little underproofed? After getting a smaller small loaf, I neglected feeding my starter and thought it died. I started feeding it again and I managed to I bring it back to life and my subsequent loaves have been beautiful. After I finally used the email instructions (a followup email I got after getting the kit) to convert it to a sourdough starter, I have LOVED it though. I only have to feed it once/week now that I’ve made it a sourdough starter and am planning to make a loaf on weekends.

  2. Lucia

    Super excited to be able to support my fave bakery from home! My bread turned out great, but it was quite the process. After reading through the FAQ I realized some mistakes I made during the first batch. My starter is still super healthy so I’ll be giving the recipe another go soon and will hopefully become the bread-god I was meant to be!!

  3. Dolores

    This is hands down one of the best “byproducts” of this whole crazy/miserable shelter in place experience… and certainly some of the best bread to emerge from my oven. Thank you for reintroducing me to my Kitchen Aid mixer, my bench scaper, my pizza stone, and for reminding me how much joy there is in creating good food. I’ve learned a ton, eaten some amazing bread, and made many of my neighbors happy (because I don’t want to emerge from isolation a candidate for the biggest loser).

  4. Fran

    This kit is amazing! I was able to bake and spend time with my Grandkids! While it takes diligence and commitment, the outcome is amazing! Couldn’t be happier with this product to keep me occupied during quarantine. The FAQ page is super helpful too, and I would highly recommend using it if you’re confused!

  5. Sacha Chin (verified owner)

    My first attempt at making bread and it was a success! The kit made it very easy and questions were answered within minutes! The video on Instagram was very helpful. Thank you!

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