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Like it or not, no one is going to see your body for a while and thankfully, this kit spells out “live my best life.” This is a one-two punch that dresses that gorgeous waist with a foundational set of tools on your kitchen belt that stretches from breakfast to hot summer BBQ buns to mic-drop dessert. It’s probably our most versatile kit and our most popular. Buy this and go back to bed already.

MAKES: 10-12 buns (or 16 doughnuts) and 7-10 bagels


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3 reviews for Brioche & Bagel Kit

  1. Julaine

    Let’s be honest, we’re all here just to get the donut recipe. But my favorite part is now the buns. Only made them once with the buns but fried chicken sandwiches on these bad girls was godly…. Only reason it’s a 4* is cause the bagels are “eh”.

  2. Mark

    OMG. I’m so glad I got this kit because I adore bread and all things bread related but was too afraid to try and bake from scratch. I don’t have the best baking track record BUT I nailed both of these recipes! My husband finished off the bagels within hours of them being made and the doughnuts were almost as good as the ones at Mr Holmes. Definitely adding these recipes to my very short list of things I can actually make!

  3. Walt

    As a single guy who’s never baked before, I have to say, this kit is great! Received it as a gift from work – the directions are witty and easy to follow. And there’s an awesome FAQ page for all my dumb questions.

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