Mexican Chocolate Pie


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Ditch the 19th century snooze-fest and join the craft-pie renaissance (sorry Marie Callender). Pie Hole is the dictator of pie trends, so naturally, we used every extortion and hostage technique to get their Mexican Chocolate Pie for this kit. Undoubtedly their most coveted recipe, it’s also the perfect compromise between “work from home” week dessert (quick, easy) and artisanal af. Topped with their signature espresso whipped cream, this luscious dessert is the pie equivalent of a weekend staycation.    

MAKES: One 8 inch Pie (serves 8)


Out of stock

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In the warmer summer months, there is a possibility of the chocolate in your kit melting either in transit or if left on a porch in the sunlight. Luckily, chocolate is a non-perishable food item, due to the high fat and sugar contents and the low water content, so the melting poses no health risks. While we strive for every kit to arrive exactly as pictured, we cannot get around this issue without raising shipping costs exorbitantly across the board in order to get cold-packed shipping containers. The good news here is that the chocolate is still perfectly usable – just leave it at room temperature in the packaging (we don’t recommend putting it in your refrigerator, as this could cause unappealing but harmless blooming, but this is also fine) to re-solidify, then chop the chocolate into chunks before using!

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